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On October 11th, the members of the Macaulay Honors College freshmen class each took a photograph that would capture for them some aspect of New York City. Their photos were uploaded to a gallery – – and a group of student curators, under the mentorship of artist and professor Corey D’Augustine, came together to create an exhibit of these photographs at Macaulay.

The freshmen class came to Macaulay on December 2 to view the exhibit (of which they themselves were the artists), and armed with video cameras, still cameras, and voice recorders, they explored the exhibit. The assignment was to re-curate the exhibit it by using selected images to tell a story, and to created a multimedia presentation of their vision. With the assistance of their Instructional Technology Fellows, they used a variety of tools to create their projects: Vuvox, iMovie, Prezi, and Voicethread to name a few.

My role was to coordinate the event, from setting up the online gallery so 500 students could upload their images, to arranging for the technological needs of the curatorial team, to conceiving the shape of the multimedia projects that the students were to create.  I also worked closely with Macaulay ITFs with the technologies that students were going to use and arranged for coverage and support.  The day was a huge success, as is usually the case given the caliber of my colleagues and students, and the projects showed a level of creativity and investment on the part of the students that made me proud of what I do.

Snapshot 2012 Project Website

Snapshot 2012 Project Website:

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  1. What a remarkable project!

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