John Jay College of Criminal Justice of CUNY

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Beginning French 1 and 2, Intermediate French 1 (current)

Developed new syllabi for French 101 and 102 according to ACTFL standards of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Culture.  Additionally, created and maintain the current French Language placement tests using OWL software.

NHTI – Concord, NH

Adjunct Professor: Beginning French 1 (current), Beginning French 2 (in development)

Course(s) taught Online/Asynchronously in Blackboard with Collaborate interactive component

Hostos Community College of CUNY

Adjunct Lecturer: Modern Art in the City; Arts and Civilization (Summer 2006)

Writing Intensive introductory Art History courses taught asynchronously on Blackboard Platform

York College of CUNY

Graduate Teaching Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer: French (September 2002 to May 2003)

Taught Beginning French Courses (Language and Grammar): French 101 and French 102

Hunter College of CUNY

Graduate Assistant and Adjunct Lecturer: French Language (September 2000 to December 2001)

Taught Beginning and Intermediate Level French Courses (Language, Grammar, Beginning Literature): French 102, French 201, French 202



Macaulay Honors College of CUNY, Central

Post-Doctoral Digital Learning Fellow (June 2013 to present)

In addition to Senior Instructional Technology Fellow duties, the Post-Doc position organizes laptop distribution for 500+ incoming Freshmen, organizes and executes the “Night at the Museum” event at Brooklyn Museum, where students investigate works of art and create multimedia projects about the experience. See accompanying MediaArts website for projects.


Senior Instructional Technology Fellow/Multimedia Technology Associate (May 2009 to May 2013)

Work directly with Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Technology in implementation of programs; “Super Admin” of WordPress install; support student, faculty and other ITF usage; Hiring Committee for IT Fellows; Provide orientation, training, and ongoing support for 20 Fellows; Conceive and lead common events with technology workshops to supplement student learning


Macaulay Honors College, Brooklyn College of CUNY

Instructional Technology Fellow (September 2006 to May 2009)

Assisted in Freshmen and Sophomore seminars (university-wide block programming), and contributed to technology-based projects using various Mac applications; Examined instructional technology pedagogy, participated in and conducted peer workshops; conducted workshops for students; Worked closely with faculty in developing technology-related assignments; mentored students in use of computer applications and web presentations; Organized and participated in university-wide events with students and faculty


CUNY Central Office/Research Foundation – Office of University Dean for Undergraduate Education (Academic Affairs)

CUNY University Fellow (June 2005 to May 2006)

Assisted University Dean with University Task Force for Retention as well as with Gen Ed and CUE projects; Conceived and Conducted (with WAC planning committee) the 2005 Professional Education Series of six events for 120 Writing Fellows CUNY wide; Participated on committee to re-frame and reorganize CUNY Portal (www.cuny.edu/academics/oaa.html) Academic Affairs website with design team: see especially WAC section; Directed development of “Guide to the CUNY/ACT: An Interactive Tutorial” instructional software for CUNY students preparing to take university-wide assessment exam (for availability on CUNY Portal and on CD); Served on Subcommittee for International Education: resolve E-Permit and SIMS curricular issues; website/catalogue development; Developed Resource book and materials for training and development of CUNY Writing Fellows


Hostos Community College of CUNY

CUNY Writing Fellow (September 2003 to May 2005)

Partnered with professors in development of writing-enhanced and writing intensive courses in the Humanities, ESL, and Business; Developed and led Writing Across the Curriculum workshops for faculty; Assisted students with writing assignments and projects; Re-indexed and directed redesign of Writing Fellows Website; Designed, typeset, and created layout of the bi-annual newsletter for the Writing Across the Curriculum Program